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My Approach (weddings)

My mission is to turn on its head the stereotype of a wedding photographer. To photograph your day without having a negative impact on anyone, on anything at anytime. To make the photography feel like an insignificant thing at the wedding but the most important thing after the wedding. Contrary to the beliefs of many wedding photographers, it’s not all about the photographs – it’s about you and your guests enjoying themselves. My photographs come from that.

Whatever you do, wherever you are, your wedding is a celebration and my photography will capture you, your family and your friends doing what they do best – having a great time!

Having shot nearly 600 weddings, I believe the most important thing about wedding photography is how it is done. How many times have you heard of an annoying or bossy photographer? If the most technically gifted photographer does not know how a wedding works or his/her place in that wedding then they will never be able to photograph it effectively or appropriately.

With a combination of award-winning photography and the experience gained from 15 years shooting weddings, I will be with you throughout the day (there’s no time limit) photographing every aspect of your wedding – the key moments, the people, the location and the details that make your day unique. The key thing is that 99.9% of the time, you wont even know that I am doing it.

On this web site you can see every wedding that I photograph in full (if any are password protected and you’d like to see them just let me know and I’ll ask the couple concerned). This way you can see that I am busy and consistent in both quality and style. You should ask yourself why other photographers only show you a selected portfolio of their work.

Hover your mouse over the ‘Weddings’ tab’ (above) to see my portfolio and a selection of recent weddings. You can even see every wedding I have shot recently in full if you are really bored!

Click on ‘Portfolio’ to see a selection of my favourite photos and my ethos for each part of the day.

PLEASE GET TOUCH USING THE ‘CONTACT’ BUTTON ABOVE FOR FULL DETAILS AND PRICES, letting me know when and where you are getting married (if you know!). Email is best.

I am available for weddings all over the UK and Europe

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